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Taiwan Visit

During our recent Taiwan visit, Eric Mackey led our our team to support two Rotary Projects. During the trip we visited 4 universities, Fulbright office with US State Department, 2 high schools, 1 junior high, and 1 elementary. We also met with the national and local education agency leaders.


Our two Rotary projects included Shou Shan Junior High School which has an environmental program sponsored by the local Rotary Club. They commit to recycling, upcycling, arts, and recreation. Eric also made his way up a rock wall during the event.


The second project was at Gushan Elementary School which is located in one of the most historically significant parts of the island. As such, the culture is built about four aspects: the historic train station (first one in Taiwan), the original school (both of these built by Japanese during the colonization period), the mountains, and the harbor. Rotary helps build and maintain multiple projects about campus. These four aspects are captured in a beautiful mural at the school entrance where we took a photo with the kids.

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